Saltpetre Cave & Sheick Hollow Nature Preserves


Within steps of 'The Preserve' and 'Creekside' cabins, you'll be treated to private access to some of the most spectacular landscape, wildlife, and geological wonders of the Hocking Hills area within the Saltpetre Cave and Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserves.

These state lands are open to the public by permit only. Please arrange for permits for your party at least 14 days in advance of your visit by contacting the ODNR Division of Natural Areas & Preserves at 614-265-6453 or by visiting their websites at the links below. To directly link to the ODNR Permit, you can access it here.

There are many more Nature Preserves in the State of Ohio; some require a permit to access. You can find more details here.

Saltpetre Cave State Nature Preserve

Salt Petre Caves Nature Preserve

This 14-acre preserve boasts spectacular recessed and Black Hand Sandstone caves. These natural formations stood out, not only to the European settlers who came to the area, but also to the Native Americans who frequented the Hocking Hills as a hunting ground.

The caves range from 124-143 feet deep, with 8 foot ceilings and openings 125 feet wide. One cave includes a natural arch with an opening of 100 feet. Hemlock, birch and tulip trees grow around the caves, and the view of the valley below is stunning.

Learn more about Saltpetre Cave State Nature Preserve and apply for your permit here.

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Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve

Scheik Hollow Rocks

Explore Sheick Hollow’s gorgeous 151 acres nestled around a stream that traverses the nature preserve’s sandstone cliffs.

The thick hemlock and birch forest, rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and diverse plant life represent the unique characteristics of the region.

The Preserve cabin overlooks this magnificent preserve. Enjoy hiking, bird watching, and some of the most scenic natural beauty in Ohio within steps of your stay!

Learn more about Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve and apply for your permit here.

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