Frequently Asked Questions


  • How close are your cabins to the State Parks?
    The Preserve and Creekside cabins are within 2-5 miles of the major state parks, such as, Old Man’s Cave, Conkles Hollow, Rock House, Cedar Falls, etc. Our Elkins Pass Cabin is 2 miles from Tar Hollow State Park, and approximately 16 miles from Old Man’s Cave, Conkles Hollow, Rock House, etc., and other state park attractions.

    There are other natural attractions within one mile of The Preserve and Creekside cabins as well, such as, Airplane Rock, Chapel Cave, Balance Rock and a rock climbing & rappelling area.

  • Is there cell phone service at the cabins?
    Cell phone service in the Hocking Hills region is spotty so please plan accordingly. AT&T, Cricket and T-Mobile service is available at The Preserve & Creekside cabins, but there is no direct cell phone coverage at our Elkins Pass cabin. However, we provide free WiFi for guests to utilize WiFi calling capabilities in lieu of lack of coverage.
  • Do you have WiFi?
    Yes, we now provide free WiFi.
  • What type of TV services do you provide?
    We have utilized DirecTV Satellite service but have transitioned to smart TVs with streaming services as that is most preferred by guests.
  • Is Firewood available?
    Yes, we have firewood available for purchase at our cabins on an honor system.
  • Do you allow Pets?
    We welcome up to 3 dogs at our Elkins Pass Cabin, and up to 2 dogs at our Creekside Cabin
  • Do you have any handicap accessible cabins?
    No, we do not offer any cabins that are handicap accessible at this time.
  • Is the water safe to drink?
    The Preserve and Creekside Cabins are on well water, and it is safe to drink. Our Elkins Pass Cabin is on city water. If you prefer, you can bring bottled water to drink.
  • Are there any grocery stores?
    Yes. There are several stores near The Preserve and Creekside Cabins. Grandma Faye's is 4 miles away, and Old Man’s Cave General Store is a bit farther on SR-664. For larger grocery shopping needs, in Logan there is a Super Walmart, Kroger and Weaver’s Market & Deli off of SR-664 or Chieftain Dr. For guests staying at our Elkins Pass Cabin, provisions can be found at Young’s Family Market in Laurelville off of SR-56, Hillside Amish Country Store on OH-180 or Crossroads Meats on Main St. in Adelphi.
  • Are there gas stations in the area?
    On your way to The Preserve and Creekside Cabins on US-33 is a Sunoco and Valero-Go Mart in Rockbridge. There is also Walmart, Kroger and Speedway gas stations in Logan. For our Elkins Pass guests, there is a Sunoco in Laurelville.