Our History


The Cabin at the Preserve - Owners Gary & Karen Bocock
It all started in the mid 1940s, when Mr. Brook invited Gary’s grandfather, Carl, to hunt on this property in Hocking Hills. Over the years, Carl brought one of his sons, Kenneth, and a son-in-law, Calvin, along to camp and hunt. The men fell in love with the area, and when Gary (Calvin’s son), was old enough to walk they introduced him to the area. Gary loved it as much as they did, visited Hocking Hills whenever possible, and dreamed of living in the area one day.

Fifty years later, in 1998, Gary had the opportunity to purchase the same land on which his grandfather, uncle, and father had camped and hunted. Mr. Brook’s son, who owned the land at that time, decided to sell off 5-acre parcels and move out west. Gary purchased two of those parcels situated between Saltpetre Caves and the Sheick Hollow Nature Preserve. Gary made plans to build a log home and cabins on the property one day, but it wasn’t until 2006 that he and his new bride, Karen, began to bring his lifelong dream to reality.

We researched several log home companies, and decided to become a Lincoln Logs International Dealer (Kannapolis, NC ). Lincoln Logs offers a great product, selling only the logs and thus providing a substantial saving allowing us to design the cabin and purchase the rest of the building materials – roofing, interior walls, flooring, cabinets, fixtures, etc., to suit our style.

We prepared for this project by pulling together the right contractors and attending training. We enlisted Gary’s good friend, Roger Smith, a master carpenter, to build the cabin along with Gary. All of us travelled to Kannapolis for in-depth training, Gary selected the cabin plan (the Montana), and Karen modified the interior layout. Gary acted as the general contractor and hired additional key tradesmen for the project, including an electrician, plumber, and heating/cooling system engineer. We hired a father-son team, Scott Parsell and David Worstell, to help install the subflooring and place the logs and roofing. Gary continued to work in his job as a door-to-door milkman in the Columbus suburbs while spending at least three days a week working at the cabin. But before the log raising, Gary, Roger, Scott and David had to build the Pole Barn to store the logs when they arrived which is located across the road from the cabin. We started construction on the cabin in the summer of 2007 and completed it late summer of 2008. The first installment of our dream was fulfilled.

We wanted to name our business something that reflected our relationship with the Hocking Hills area. We chose the name Creek’s Crossing Cabins because Big Pine Creek runs through our property, and we will build a bridge to access the 8 acres of our land that lies beyond it. Once our bridge is complete, we will build additional cabins across the creek, our own log home, and walking paths to Saltpetre Caves. We look forward to continuing our adventure on the other side of Big Pine Creek!

We hope you enjoy our story of a lifelong love affair with Hocking Hills, and the surrounding area. Building these cabins has been an exciting endeavor for us. If you would like further information about these cabins, please let us know!

The Cabin at Elkins Pass - Owners Gary & Calvin Bocock, Allen & Kenneth Weaver
In 1986 Mr. Frank Gordon from Johnstown, Ohio, decided to go to Canada to learn how to build a log cabin. He had intended to stay only one week, and ended up staying 6 weeks. Using harvested pine from the area, he constructed the first floor of the cabin. Each log was notched to perfectly fit the log below, and secured with wooden dowels. He then disassembled it, and brought it back to Johnstown to erect on his property there. About a year later Mr. Gordon purchased 72 acres in Laurelville, Ohio, where it was reassembled one last time at its final location – reconstruction was complete in 1988 including the second floor and roof.

Seven years later Mr. Gordon decided to sell the property and cabin. Allen, a friend of Mr. Gordon’s, found out about the sale and discussed it with Gary. Allen is one of Gary’s cousins – his Uncle Kenneth’s son. The property is in the Southwest Corner of Hocking County, only 2 miles from Tar Hollow State Park, and is completely surrounded by 16,000 acres of state-owned land. The Boy Scout trail is located within yards of the back of the property. It wasn’t until a year later when it hadn’t sold that Allen and Gary decided to go down to look at it. They found that it was exactly what they had been looking for, and they planned to use it as a weekend cabin retreat for their families and parents. The next day they found out that someone had just made an offer, and it appeared that the property had been sold. Two months later the offer had fallen through, and they purchased the property the very next day with their fathers (Calvin and Kenneth).

The work began immediately to add some things the cabin needed. They constructed a huge covered front porch, and two balconies – one at either end of the second story. They built several bunk beds for the second floor to easily accommodate sleeping quarters for everyone. They enjoyed many weekend retreats, hiking, camp fires, and hunting adventures.

As a result of Gary and Karen building their Hocking Hills rental cabin, the four men decided to turn this cabin into a rental as well, and become part of the Creek’s Crossing Cabin family. They hired Scott and David again to help with this project. They completely gutted the cabin putting in all new flooring, a new kitchen, new bathroom, new basement, rec room, and Roger Smith added a big picture window. We applied a fresh coat of poly and stain to everything which brought out the rich red tone of the logs. We are delighted with the transformation, and have added a lot of the personal touches to make it homey.

We hope you enjoy our story of a lifelong love affair with Hocking Hills, and the surrounding area. Building these cabins has been an exciting endeavor for us. If you would like further information about these cabins, please let us know!
Creekside Cabin - Owners Gary & Karen Bocock

When we decided to build our first rental cabin - The Cabin at the Preserve - we needed a place to store the logs. We built a big pole barn with a loft with the intention to be used for future storage. There was some consideration given to enclosing the area under the loft for sleeping quarters for the crew to stay during construction. however, other accommodations were used.

A couple of years later, we wanted to be closer to our cabin business, and decided to put living quarters inside the pole barn. we hired our carpenter to help construct a 2-story retreat for us to live in. With an all-wood interior, hardwood floors, custom built-in cabinets, kitchen island with bar seating, vaulted exposed beam ceiling upstairs, gas fireplace, and a view of Big Pine Creek, we turned it into a cozy haven. After living there for two years, we purchased a home in the area, and turned our living quarters into our Creekside Cabin for all of you to enjoy!